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    Dialogue Project Press Release

    San Francisco, CA. - Dialogue is EvolveArts' newest public art installation consisting of nine 7 X 9 foot freestanding screens covered with thousands of inspiring, insightful quotes from famous, and not so famous, people throughout history. Blank books and pens affixed to the screens allow viewers to record their own "kernels of wisdom" for others to read. Each screen is also adorned with expressive lifecast faces emerging from their surfaces (more then 150 total) contributing to a powerful, intimate experience for the viewer.

    Selected quotes gleaned from the blank books - and sent by email through the Web site - are permanently added to the screens so viewers in other cities can read what viewers in previous cities wrote. Anyone can become part of Dialogue's ongoing knowledge project. Dialogue will be traveling to public areas in cities worldwide for years and quotes will eventually be written and read by an audience of hundreds thousands.

    At the tours end, quotes and comments by viewers, photo essays taken at each location, short biographies of each lifecast participant and a description of each community that Dialogue visits will be compiled into a book and short documentary film detailing the unique travels and process of Dialogue.

    A dialogue is a stream of meaning flowing through and between people, out of which emerges new understanding and creativity. In dialogue there is no attempt to make a particular view prevail. People engage in common participation to share, communicate and advance the creative process of living. During a dialogue, defensiveness and division collapse and transform into empathy, fellowship and friendship.