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    Answers to frequently asked questions about Shell Car

    Q: How long did it take to apply the shells?
    A: It has taken over 300 hours to complete Shell Car, plus ongoing repair and addition of shells.

    Q: Were the shells found and/or bought?
    A: Some were found on beaches around the world and some bought. Some of the shells were cut with a tile saw (Nautilus, Turretella, etc.)

    Q: How are the shells adhered to the car, do they fall off?
    A: With flexible, waterproof silicone caulking. Silicone is a very strong adhesive so the shells do not come off, even on the freeway.

    Q: How is Shell Car washed?
    A: Carefully, with soap, water and a scrub brush. No drive-thru car washes ;-)

    Q: How many, and what type of shells are on the car? How much do the shells weigh?
    A: There are thousands of shells weighing over 400 lbs. total (yes, this does slow the car down and affect gas mileage), including: Florida Sandollars (roof), Pearl Abalone (roof), Purple Top Cowrie (sides), Assorted Cones, Green Troca, Nautilus, Haitian Tree Snails (rainbow snails), Snake Head Cowries (sides), Bursa Ranas, Nassa Persica, Paua Abalone, Tiger Clams, Arrowhead Sand Dollars, Turretella (cut), Cerithium (cut), Calico Scallops, Noble Pectin, Pacific Murex Ramosus, Ringtop Cowrie, Natural & Pearl Ubonium (small shells creating the waves), Money Cowrie, Green Cats Eye, Red Cats Eye, Purple Clam Shells, White Nautica, Star Limpet, Delphinula, Turkey Wings, Rose Cockles, White Ark, Hammer Head Oyster and more!

    Q: Do people vandalize and/or take shells off Shell Car?
    A: Thankfully, people have been very respectful of this work. Shell Car has been parked and viewed in numerous cities throughout the Pacific / Western regions of the United States with no problems, a testament to the character of residents and visitors in these regions.

    Q: How can I help save our oceans?
    A: Begin your quest at:


    Q: Why create a Shell Car?
    A: Because people smile when they see Shell Car and it makes driving more fun by exhibiting public art in an accessible way.